BTSF F2F courses

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Food and feed:
·          Hazard analysis and critical control points
·          Food hygiene at primary production (in progress)
·          Food hygiene flexibility
·          Microbiological Criteria and zoonose
·          Outbreak preparedness and management in food (Phase I) (Phase II)
·          Feed law (in progress)
·          Contaminants in food and feed (in progress)
·          Food improvement agents
·          Food contact material
·          Audits of plastic recycling processes
·          Food information and composition (in progress)
Animal health:
·          Animal disease preparedness
·          Transmissible spongiform encephalopathies animal by products
·          Movements of pets
·          Animal Welfare rules
Plant health:
·          Plant health Controls (in progress)
·          Plant health surveys
·          Plant Protection Product evaluation
·          Integrated pest management
·          Plant Protection Products Application Equipment (in progress)
Control activities:
·          Check at Border Inspection Posts
·          New food investigation techniques: Food Fraud
·          New food investigation techniques: E-commerce basic level
·          New food investigation techniques: E-commerce advanced level
·          Use of TRACES in Member States
·          Audit system and internal auditing
Other topics:
·          Antimicrobial resistance (Phase I) (Phase II)
·          Organic farming
·          Protected Designation Schemes (in progress)
·          Risk Assessment (in progress)
·          Support to enforcement in SPS fields  (Phase I) (Phase II)