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 IBAN – BE10.3630.3313.1604 ouvert au nom de VITTI-PIZZARELLI jusqu’à nouvelle instruction.



Testing parallel sessions in Zoom


  • Javier
  • Stephane
  • Zoran


Everybody should log in with 2 devices

The link will be the zoom link not the moodle to test it quicker


start session in Zoran office





  • Javier log in as general@btsf academy and open session
  • Javier log in with his personal account
  • Zoran login with personal computer personal account
  • Zoran login with EU 
  • Stephan login with personal account with laptop
  • Stephan login with personal account in mobile


I make host Zoran with personal account


I open this session with the general account





  • Zoran login with EU laptop
  • Stephan log in with the laptop
  • Javier login with a personal account


Zoran open with general@btsfacademy.eu this session




  • Javier login with personal account
  • Stephan login with mobile




Check the issues, document it and write a protocol document to open parallel sessions.