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Flickr/CreativeCommons -Royalty-free and public domain images

Canva -Search their gigantic library of mostly free images. Use their free online editor to add quotes, text, and more.

Stencil -A Canva-alternative where you can edit your images via their free online platform. They also have many mostly free images you can use in your projects.

The British Library -Over 1 million vintage downloads. These centuries-old copyright-free images include everything from from book illustrations to photos – and cover subjects from flowers to cycling and children’s books to maps.

9 Best Sites For Free Vintage and Old Photos -These are the best collections of stunning free vintage images and illustrations – from Shakespeare to the history of the US – so you can find the perfect high-res one for you next project.

Pexels -Free stock images with no attribution needed. Also searchable by color!

New York Public Library’s Public Domain Collection -200K images you can use free in almost unlimited ways.

Pixabay -I hear a lot of good things about this site from others.

Pikwizard  -“We have over 100,000 completely free images on the site, over 20,000 of those are exclusive to us. We are also adding new images to our library daily and our ultimate goal is to get to more than 1 million images.”

Unsplash – Free (Do whatever you want) high-resolution photos.

Public Domain Images

34+ Other Free Image Resources Available From One Link -They just redid their website and the new layout is a tad confusing. Just scroll down for the links.

List by Harvard Law School Library (Images) -Good Ole’ Harvard. This is a treasure-trove of links and resources.

800 Medieval Manuscripts now FREE Online – Thanks to The British Library and Bibliothèque Nationale de France.

StockSnap -Gorgeous free stock images with no attribution required.

Wikipedia Creative Commons and Public Domain Sites: A giant list.

Morguefile: Don’t let the creepy name throw you off. Free stock images for creatives by creatives.

Jeshoots – A website kept up to date by Jan Vasek.

Snapographic – Scroll all categories on this great website with tons of free stock images

Travelcoffeebook – A great website with lots of travel pics, many from Asia.

Gratisography – A wide variety of free (and quirky!) stock photos also on this website. One of my personal favorites!

Stokpic – Watch pictures in a sort of a Pinterest setting here. Nice website and great pics. And all free!

Picography – More free stock images. Yay!

Vatican Library Digitization Project – NEW! (and extra cool) The Vatican Library just digitized 4,400 Ancient Manuscripts and is giving them away for free.

The Massive List of Websites With Free Images: 68 excellent resources and counting thanks to Matteo Duò

Good Free Photos – A large free stock photo site with thousands of public domain photos including landscapes, objects, animals, plants, textures, and many other free photos.

2K+ Turn of the Century Art Posters – FREE, thanks to the NY Public Library

Space Travel Posters from NASA -No joke! Get these beautiful illustrations as free downloads.


MUSIC and SOUND EFFECTS: -This is an old favorite of mine and students since the turn of the millennium. Look in the menu in the top right for music loops and sound effects searchable by category or keyword. – Kevin MacLeod is the undisputed king of high quality diverse and searchable free music loops. Please note that all the tracks are not free anymore. He (wisely) started charging small fees for his work. You can still find many free gems here, but also check out his other site, Public Domain Music Downloads below for 100% free goodies.

Public Domain Music Downloads “-If only someone would have gone out and found all of the decent Public Domain recordings and collected them in one spot! If only.” -Huge list that is easy to search and sort through.

List by Harvard Law School Library (Audio) -This is a solid list

Natentine -Great free and affordable paid licensing options here.

Free Music Archive “Every MP3 you discover on The Free Music Archive is pre-cleared for certain types of uses that would otherwise be prohibited by copyright laws that were not designed for the digital era.”



Pexels Video -A glorious collection of stock videos you can use for free in any way you see fit.

Vimeo Public Domain Videos -A huge collection of videos that require no attribution. Quality varies but it can be worth sifting through the pile.

List by Harvard Law School Library (Video) -Yet another solid listYou’ve got to hand it to them.

Coverr -“Beautiful, free videos for your homepage.” -“The home of completely free HD stock footage and motion graphics for any project!” -Free HD video stock footage.



Internet Archive -This has a bit of everything but is especially useful for historic photography and video. -“Enormous collection of free public domain and CC0 clip art, photos, video, sound, and music that you can use to enliven your online courses and video presentations.”

I will continue to add to this list and if you have any recommendations for it, please leave your links in the comments below. Thanks for helping me build a useful resource!